Intellectual and politician, a key architect of Polish reforms. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, 1994-97 and 2002-03. Professor will give a lecture on "New Pragmatism: Economics and Economic Policy for the Future"

Jan Toporowski is a Professor of Economics and Finance at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He studied economics at Birkbeck College, University of London and the University of Birmingham and has worked in banking and finance. His most recent book is "Michal Kalecki An Intellectual Biography Volume 1 Rendezvous in Cambridge 1899-1939 (Palgrave)". Professor will speak about "A Kalecki Fable on Debt and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism"

Professor of Political Science since 1989; lecturing in numerous European and Asian universities. Professor will speak about "New trends of urban and regional development - Sustainable cities and regions"




Capital market investors & investments   /   Business valuation/market valuation   /   International financial market and its impact on national economies   /   Causes and effects of global financial crisis   /   Financial risk and return on capital   /   Current trends in banking sector development

Economic integration   /   European integration, Eurozone and challenges ahead   /   Shaping global economy  and multinational corporations   /   Financial liberalization   /   International trade   /   Foreign direct investments

Corporate governance in the public sector   /   The concept of new public management   /   Management and policies in the municipal companies   /   The role of management in the functioning of local government   /   The Civil Budget as a new way of management in public finance

Social justice in economy- perception of inequality and poverty   /   Cultural values in economic life- the role od culture in Economic Development   /   Social economy -third sector activity in a political and economic context   /   Corporate social responsibility within the broader context of socially responsible consumption and production   /   Social networks and their impact on global economy   /   Family Economics - decision-making in the family, division of labour, intergeneration issues

Economic and social aftermath of wars and crises   /   Institutional Change in Eastern Europe after the collapse of Soviet Union   /   Game and decision theory of international political economy   /   Role of the nation state, national competitiveness in a globalized world   /   Contemporary Theories of Political Economy

The role of framework conditions in fostering entrepreneurial activities   /   The determinants and outcomes of firm’s innovative activities   /   International entrepreneurship and international strategies of SMEs   /   New trends in innovation and entrepreneurship   /   Governmental innovation policy   /   Research methods in modern economy

Contemporary spatial structures. Their economic conditions and consequences   /   New trends of urban and regional development - Sustainable cities and regions. An economic approach   /   Globalised urban environments. Users and their preferences   /   Real estate market after the crisis. Post-speculative reality?


For PhD students - scan of the confirmation document is required. Participants of the conference are to cover accommodation and travel expenses on their own. Fee payment should be transferred before February 1, 2016



  • January 5, 2016 - Deadline for Submissions and Abstracts
  • January 10, 2016 - Acceptance Notification
  • January 30, 2016 - Deadline for Full Papers
  • February 1, 2016 - Deadline for Fee Transfer
  • March 11, 2016 - Economy Today Conference
  • March – May 2016 - Reviewing, Editing and Correcting Process
  • Summer 2016 - Book Publishing
  • All submissions are welcome!

    Successful submissions will be selected by the Scientific Council. Accepted papers, if positively reviewed, will be considered for publishing in an edited book or as articles in scientific journals.


  •  “Acta Universitatis Lodziensis, Folia Oeconomica” (14 points for published paper, ISSN 0208-6018 – indexed in BazEkon, Index Copernicus)
  • “Studia Prawno-Ekonomiczne” (12 points for published paper, ISSN 0081-6841 – indexed in EBSCO, CEJSH, CEEOL, ProQuest, Index Copernicus)
  • “Qualitative Sociology Review” (12 points for published paper, ISSN 1733-8077 – indexed in BazHum, DOAJ, Scopus, ERIH Plus, PBN etc.)
  • “Annales. Etyka w życiu gospodarczym” (10 points for published paper, ISSN 1899-2226 – indexed in BazHum, CEJSH, CEEOL, BazEkon, PBN etc.)
  • “Ekonomia Międzynarodowa” (7 points for published paper, ISSN 2082-4440 – indexed in BazHum, CEEOL etc.)
  • a scientific book which will be published in the publishing house and in the form of an e-book available on-line (5 points for published paper)

If you have any questions, please conatct Conference Secretary Diana Koplanyi, MA e-mail: Diana.Koplanyi@uni.lodz.pl

Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz POW street 3/5, 90-255 Łódź, Poland tel. +48 504 696 131 / +48 607 340 232

Please transfer payments to: PL 07 1240 3028 1111 0010 2943 4436 (Bank Pekao SA) / BIC/SWIFT: PKOPPLPW / (with an annotation: „Economy Today, name of the participant”)


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Lodz, the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand cultural events. It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial heritage mixes with office buildings, production halls and culture amenities. Truly unique urban fabric hosts plenty of attractive spots for free-time activities. Lodz was remembered as a city of various cultures, different nations, which lived next to each other. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, various religions and nationalities in Lodz coexisted. Contemporary cultural calendar of Lodz relates to this past. Design, film, fashion, art and photography are words best describing cultural events hosted by Lodz. Nowadays Lodz is a third-largest city of Poland, a thriving economic and cultural centre, and one of the most important Polish academic centres.


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